What the Write Mind has meant for others


Tracee has been through all the ups and downs of writing that you’ll be facing in the outside world, whether it’s struggling with pages, networking worries or getting used to dealing with execs. This is why I trust her guidance - she's been there herself!
With her training, I’m better equipped to get past my inner obstacles and towards my goals. Tracee's a great mentor. Always giving, always focused and always positive, you’ll benefit from her assistance because that’s what she will foster in you, too.

Alexi H. - Screenwriter

Tracee immediately helped me see that what I thought were my weaknesses were actually my strengths from the start! I've wanted to tell my story for years but never imagined myself as a writer; she not only helped me realize my skills and talents in writing, but she also helped me tap in to a new creative side of myself.
She has helped me to break through the writing barriers I thought I had and freed me to tell the story that I knew was in me with her guidance and truth.
Bringing my story to life is an important step in using the past to grow and prepare for the future.

Robbie A. - Memoir Writer

Working with Tracee has really helped me knock through my personal barriers, allowing me to better see the forest for the trees. With her guidance and tutelage, I have become better able to identify these roadblocks and the patterns in which they exist. Now, I can not only circumvent these issues - but anticipate them.

Ven S. - Screenwriter