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Not a commercial or sales pitch but an actual coaching session so you can get a feel for how Tracee works and what writer-mindset is all about as well as have all your questions about the program answered.

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Writer's Playground Group Coaching

An amazing opportunity to grow your mind & your network!

  • Weekly check in and goal setting zoom call - quick & to the point but, oh so powerful!

  • Monthly Group Coaching session - aprx 90 mins once a month in which we will deep dive into what might be keeping you from accomplishing your goals  in a safe space where you can vent with those who get it and reframe. There is something amazing that happens when a group of like-minded writers come together to express their challenges and fears and we can learn so much from each other in the process. Additionally, not only will group sessions support mindset work but we will also cover career questions and challenges. Truly priceless! 

  • Access to our private Facebook Group - The Writer's Playground is a private, heavily moderated group where writers can come and network, lean on each other, ask questions, exchange feedback, and celebrate your successes. Not your average overly crowded, noisy Facebook group but a place where you can really find your tribe!

  • The Writer's Playground Playbook - an amazing goal-setting tool to help you set & achieve writing and mindset growth!

  • An Accountability Buddy - if this is something you need, then I will match you with the right buddy so that you can help keep each other accountable to your writer goals.

  • 25% discount on Write Mind Merch

  • 50% discount on 30 min private coaching sessions

  • Weekly discussion topics

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