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Screenwriter's Workbook

(not just for screenwriters!)
How do you write when you're in the throes of self-doubt, in the pit of discouragement, or fighting the urge to run away and do literally anything else?
Trust me. I've been there. I struggle with doubts, fears, fatigue, and resistance, just like you do. But through the years, I've developed techniques and exercises to trick myself into writing even when I don't want to. I've shared many of these tricks with my clients and now I'm excited to share them with you in "No Excuses: Write Anyway" a tough love workbook for writers!

Need a Great Script Consultant?

Tracee no longer offers script feedback but she highly recommends Autrand Mitchell, Consultant! Christine has been at the biz for a long time and knows what it takes to take a script from good to great! Check out her website:

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I used to have stacks & stacks of notebooks...

Now I use Rocketbook.
I wouldn't recommend it if I didn't love this product so believe me when I say, you gotta get a Rocketbook!
The ink glides across the page in a really yummy way, every page can get uploaded and saved in an organized manner (as opposed to lost in some random notebook in a pile on the shelf) and you can erase and start over any time! I love the freedom this gives me to explore ideas and also, less landfill. A total win, win!

Affirmations & Meditation for Writers

The words we tell ourselves matter. I created these recordings from the affirmations I use myself and the meditations I practice to help me get in the right frame of mind to write.

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Writer Swag

One of the most powerful things you can do as a writer, is to DECLARE yourself as one. Just remember, Writers WRITE!